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Mobile App development

Do you have a specific idea that you require as a mobile app? We would be pleased to discuss your application development requirements.

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Multi-Touch Attracts

Attracting your potential clients on to your stand is key in today’s competitive world. Use our skills to produce interactive apps that will get people flocking to see you.

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Watch a meeting presentation including video and high quality slides with an optional full text transcript all synchronised and edited to replicate the event. Navigate through several presentations or search for specific slides at your convenience on your desktop.

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Would you like to have specific company resources in your pocket? Allow us to combine them all together in our eMediaMenu. From videos and presentations to PDF’s have them available at your fingertips whenever that sales opportunity arises.

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Do you have resources you need to present, but in several formats and applications on your laptop or iPad? Finding it hard navigate between them efficiently? Allow us to combine them all together in our eResource app. From videos and presentations to PDF’s get rid of that heavy laptop and paper resources and combine them all together in a slick accessible menu on your iPad.

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Present your messages to your clients, ask leading questions, gain their interest and capture this information along with their details all in one package on your iPad.

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Do you have too much information to display than you have room for on your exhibition stand? We can put your messages into interactive Panels allowing you to get much more information onto your stand.

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