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about us

Stream Projects was set up by 2 people with over 25 years of experience in the multimedia and pharmaceutical industries, to create interactive multimedia eSolutions that help our clients deliver their message. This is effective through streaming video and the latest multi touch devices.

We care about YOUR content. We ensure it is delivered well.

We have extensive experience in the highly regulated and demanding field of Pharmaceuticals, but we have worked in the fields of Technology, Charity, Business to Business and Financial.

We are based in Cambridge the heart of the Silicon Fen but can support events anywhere in the world.

Peter Tysoe: Managing director and founder of Stream Projects.

"My drive is technology, I have been immersed in it all my working life. But it’s not just technology for technology’s sake – it’s the challenge of harnessing technology to create somethign new and do something valuable, fun and engaging. One of my first major projects as a software developer some 20 years ago was the mother of all video walls but it was interactive, imagine that. In today’s technological age it sounds trivial doesn’t it but at the time all those years ago it was pretty cool and the buzz I got from that I still get today! The technology has moved on a bit though, it's far more available, usable and it’s even in your hand.

For me today it’s all about mobile and video, the multitude of devices that it can be played on. Whether it is our eMediaMenu app for the iPhone or an interactive game on our 42" multi-touch screen for an exhibition stand, I still love harnessing technology to deliver a quality product.

Technology is a major part of our working and home life but what we pride ourselves on is using this technology to make solutions that actually work and that people want. Creating something and seeing it in action is a great feeling and I hope we can continue to provide you with the solutions YOU want.”

Ruth Tysoe: Director of Production and co-founder of Stream Projects

“My background is Science, which turned into pharmaceuticals, which turned into being a mum which has crash landed into Multimedia Production. It is amazing what life throws at us. If you had said to me 20 years ago, when I didn’t have a clue what to do with a computer that I would end up founding a Multimedia company I would have laughed!!

My background brings a non-technical perspective to the products and services we sell: it combines a focus on quality and detail (from my days as a clinical research associate in pharmaceuticals) with a simple pragmatic approach (from my mothering activities!) that helps me see things from a client’s perspective and ensure that what we deliver is what you asked for and at the quality you expect.”

Extended Team

We are very lucky to have an amazing extended team of very talented individuals who complete us. They allows us to provide any solution large or small, based on YOUR requirements.